vendredi, novembre 19, 2010

Turbotito post pour L.A.D.R.I

Cet article marque le début d'une nouvelle série sur L.A.D.R.I. Nous avons contacté des artistes pour qu'ils postent eux même la musique qu'ils aiment. Le contenu et la mise en forme de l'article sont libres, nous leur demandons simplement à la fin de l'article de nous présenter une de leur oeuvre ainsi qu'une série de liens pour les retrouver sur la toile.
Pour cette première je laisse la parole à Turbotito. GO !

Scott Walker - Angels of Ashes

This is one of my favorite songs of all time. My good friend Kim LAS put it on a mixtape he made for me (back when it was actual cassette tapes) and i've loved it ever since. I remember a road-trip to a small town in Texas a few years ago, we were six people in a van all burned out from all the bad experiences we had in the town. We saw crazy racism, tons of pollution, awful ignorant people and the worst food ever. We just wanted to get out of there as fast as we could and on the drive out of there my friend put on this song and all of a sudden i was crying happy tears, i just transformed the moment into something poetic...

40 Thieves - Don't Turn It Off feat. Qzen (Brennan Green Remix)

To me, this is the most perfect acidic disco tune ever. I'll never get tired of this one. When you have a dance-floor that is feeling this one it's magical. Also it's in the same key as my "Bye Bye Bayou" remix so you can mix them on top of each other for minutes.

Family Fodder - Der Leiermann (Organ Grinder)

I found this song in Lovefinger's endless archive of great tracks. I didn't have the track I.D. so i had Greg from Acid Girls help me find out who it was. It's a experimental dubby version of a renaissance folk song, which kinda sounds like a bad idea but it's amazing and quite catchy. So good!

Midnight Magic - Beam Me Up (Jacques Renault Remix)

This pick was pretty obvious, i think most people can agree that this is one of the best tracks of 2010. Even people who don't like disco can't deny this one. I like how the remix is basically i slightly speed up version of the original, you don't wanna mess to much with a perfect song.

Turbotito feat Dirty Preston - Planet Claire by Turbotito

I was asked to give away some of my newer music but didn't really have anything that wasn't either out or waiting to get a release. Instead i just decided to do a quick cover song. I'm a huge B-52's fan and i always wanted to play "Planet Claire" in my dj sets. The problem is that it's around 143bpm which is too fast if i wanna do a beat matched set. Therefore i did this attemt on making a disco cover version in a more suitable tempo and i had my friend Dirty Preston throw down a quick Fred Schneider. Hope you like it...


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