mardi, février 22, 2011

Winter Family post pour L.A.D.R.I

Motorhead - Bomber
John Coltrane - Part 1 - Acknoledgement - A Love Supreme

Winter Family - Y


Winter Family was born in Jaffa on 2004. while Xavier Klaine develops layers of piano or harmoniums and pipe organ's drones into a dark mystic universe, Ruth Rosenthal speaks her texts/poems with a low voice, inhabit by a rare deepness.

Together they perform as a duet or with their relatives: Fabien Lehalle (bass), Olivier Robert (cymbals, guitar), Sylvain Favre (violin), Norsola Johnson (cello) and Sen Gupta Gaetan (cythar), they have been collaborating with various choreographers and artists, and have been recording and playing live in concert halls, apartments, galleries, clubs, theaters, crypts and churches; in Paris, New-York, Milan, Gent, London, Brussels, Tel-Aviv, Napoli, Jerusalem, Lausanne, Haifa and more.

Their debut album 'Winter Family' was out on 2007 at Subrosa followed by a LP at Marienbad Records. Their second album 'Red Sugar' was recorded in the farm of Jean in Sarthe and in the streets of Jerusalem in 2009 & 2010. It will be published in spring 2011. They created in 2010 a performance of documentary theater 'Jerusalem-Cast lead, a hallucinatory trip in an emotional dictatorship', on tour in the season 2011/2012.

Currently they live and work in NYC (residency 'Hors les Murs' of Culturefrance).

lundi, février 21, 2011


L.A.D.R.I works overnights and has created a cool event this Friday. We invite the french duo Get A Room! (

This is taking place here in this charming big-old pub in the center of Paris.

Pub O'Malley
6 Bis Rue Quatre Septembre
Paris, France

The line-up is such as that :

19h-21h Michto-Mu
21h-22h30 Paul Echevarria
22h30-01h30 Get A Room!

You sure know Get A Room! music, we've been posting some of their masterpieces here on L.A.D.R.I (HERE, also HERE).
We're really excited about this one. What a great way to start the week-end. Fancy isn't?

You can also check the facebook event :

See you there!

jeudi, février 17, 2011

today's the day!

Today we ship for new horizons! Drawing and fantasy.

First video is directed by two Frenchmen Jonas & François that often use drawings in their videos, and always do it in a great way.
The second is from two artists, Mrzyk & Moriceau, who found a way to enhance a woman's ass.
And finally a wagon of allucinations, provided by an american artist named Lilfuchs.



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