jeudi, janvier 27, 2011

Nassau post pour L.A.D.R.I

Nassau is a side project of a thin old italian man - a so called disc jockey since 1984 - happy to return in a quiet 'rotation per minute way' after years of 130's slots; a sort of homecoming to late 70es/early 80es when we driven at 120 while radio stations and early discos played everything from Greg Kihn Band to Chic, early Simple Minds together with Monsoon and Skatt Brothers, Ian Dury, F.lli La Bionda and Kiss. Nassau was heartbroken by Hacienda and Cosmic Disco, and has no relationship with fluo stuff and rush hours.

Nassau goes slowly, as when the sun goes down or the tide comes high. A mystical project where Salsa, Balearic Disco, Ambient, Tropicalism, Cosmic Music, Tablas, Trance and Afro Beat collides.

Highly recommended with Martini Dry and Gauloises @ 7 p.m.

Babel 17 - All Saint's Day
Coldcut- Autumn Leaves (Irresistable Force Mix Trip 2)
Manic Street Preachers - A Design For Life (Stealth Sonic Orchestra Instrumental Version)
Steel An' Skin - Afro Punk Reggae (Dub)
The Associates - The Associate
The Historics - Kinda Personal (Nassau Afrika Remix)

You can find Nassau here :


mardi, janvier 25, 2011

New mate on board!

Hi music fellows!

Here comes a new moment for this blog, a moment more dedicated to videos than music. A MUSIC VIDEO MOMENT!

I'll be posting every month three music videos of my taste. I choose them because I believe music videos should be at least that good, meaning it's not only about music. The listening comes after the seing...

Hope you'll enjoy them and that you'll also discover somethings!

Groove Armada - Get Down


lundi, janvier 24, 2011


Avec un décalage horaire on a toujours envie d'anticiper un peu. J'ai vu le soleil, les plages. Tous ces ingrédients qui donnent envie d'être debout au petit matin en séchant sa transpiration nocturne et en se disant qu'on ne va pas finir de danser de si tôt.
J'ai eu envie de continuer.

DyE - Fantasy (Clement Meyer Remix) by clementmeyer

Etienne De Crecy - No Brain (Serge Santiago Remix)
Metronomy - Heartbreaker (Diskjokke Remix)
Green Velvet - Flash (Jamie Jones Remix)

Et un peu d'auto-promo au passage. Pour qu'on aille tous faire la fête en Ukraine cet été.

Paul Echevarria - String Theory kaZantip 2011 by Paul Echevarria

vendredi, janvier 14, 2011

NoT Me

Dans tous les sens!

maylee todd -aerobics in space-

1,2,3 -confetti-

Pour acheter le titre il suffit de se rendre ici ( et pour écouter le catalogue du label pressez-vous par ici (

the do -dust it off-

sacha distel -le bateau blanc (cosmo vitelli edit)-

dimanche, janvier 09, 2011


Des albums qui ont bien usé mes platines :

the black keys 'brothers'
-unknown brother-

lcd soundsystem 'this is happening'

lawrence arabia 'chant darling'
-the beautiful young crew-

gonja sufi 'a sufi and a killer'

the rodeo 'music maelstrom'
-i'm gonna leave you-

ciao 2010!

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